The Mission

The cyberinertix Mission

We are a startup founded in 2019 in Kyiv. The main purpose of our company is the creation of prototypes and the mass production of metal devices in the EDC field. That means we can manufacture knives, tools, special devices, elements and equipment adapted for a modern city dweller, traveler, and/or tourist.

Among other things, we are gamers. In our products, we try to overtake time, inspired by game stories. And the world is changing, the future comes every moment, but it’s still hard for people to see what happens next. But everyone knows for sure that since now there will be no long time and society will change greatly. We, the RoboRazor Team, see two options for the development of mankind: a global destructive war and the post-apocalyptic peace coming after it, and the second option - wars can still be avoided and the Cyberpunk world comes. We believe in a positive Cyberpunk.

That is, the era of cyberpunk has already come, technological clothing Techwear and accessories, alternative energy sources, modular homes and digital solutions, bioimplants and microcomputers (smartphones). Even crowdfunding is already a kind of microeconomic cyberpunk, a system of interaction on new principles. Many technologies invented by people at the moment are still not accessible to the broad masses of society, the developing elite strata and corporations hide a lot, restraining the development of mankind, but if the system fails, or thanks to the random willful decision of individuals, the technologies will break out and create the future, where the main task of mankind will be adaptation, constant and infinite (the principle of conformism).

Society craves for these changes and creators such as we create new patterns of products of the future. Being the logical result of the informational metabolism of the Cyberpunk science fiction philosophy, our Inertix Exoblade Gadget can become a real symbol of virtual victories and a part of tomorrow of our civilization. At the same time, without a doubt, a reliable tool for daily use and a new level of comfort for pocket devices. Everyone can choose their own configuration on a special page https://cyberinertix.com/

Information about the startup RoboRazor Studio.

information about the startup RoboRazor Studio

RoboRazor Studio is a startup founded in 2019 in Kiev. The main direction is the creation of prototypes and the mass production of metal devices in the field of EDC: knives, tools, special devices, items of equipment adapted for a modern urban resident, traveler, tourist. The author of the project, Alexander Krivosheya. Design Engineer, Process Engineer, CNC Expert with Plasma Cutting Expertise, Expert in Working with the Newest Lasers, and Hydro Cutting by Swiss firm Bystronic, Artist, Designer, Metal Expert, Inventor and Gamer.

Alexander says: “Now I already have a number of my own developments, not only in the field of utilitarian devices, but also in the energy sphere, in the field of personal transport and equipment elements, such as a kinetic helmet. There are also promising exoskeleton prototypes that require a serious investor to advance”.

At present, there is a surplus of high-tech metal-working machine tools and services companies in the field of metalworking in Ukraine, and in particular in Kiev. Therefore, there is high competition and low cost of services. In a similar situation in the world market, the shortage of real useful concepts does not allow to fully download this equipment. And the payback of such machines exceeds the warranty period.

At the same time, there are no companies involved in the creation of sophisticated high-tech goods and products at the prototyping stage. RoboRazor Studio proposes to create a prototype bureau that will create and prepare mass-produced product samples, raising funds through crowdfunding platforms, while simultaneously testing demand in the global market. In 2016, Facebook opened the Area 404 Engineering Laboratory for Innovative Products. Industrial designer Vladimir Pyrozhkov is the founder of the prototype center "Kinetics" in Russia. And many others, but not in Ukraine.

“At the same time, power is idle because of the lack of ideas and lack of understanding of the actual relevance of the products of such laboratories. Our approach is qualitatively different. The concept of a modern prototyping center was born in the process, when we have already created a number of prototypes and have identified a need for ourselves - in capacity, for a niche - in product ideas.”- says Alexander Krivosheya. The author of the RoboRazor project discusses the industry of prototypes and product design as follows: “The first product, a product-locomotive, must have the necessary sufficiency and optimum complexity, as well as be in the spirit of time - that is, in the spirit of Cyberpunk (we conduct research on the aesthetic Product-trends of society studying the trends of computer games close to reality, and anticipating the advent of Tesla's Cyber ​​Truck long before the presentation, our studio just didn't know who would give the signal to humanity).

Therefore, RoboRazor Studio's first product will be a pocket utilitarian Device Inertix Exo-Blade, which is more like a futuristic Cyber ​​gadget. The whole world loves unique new products, and we have defined this product as the flagship of the future line of accessories and urban living equipment, but that is not the point. It is for creative people created and such people the future of humanity. As for design and materials, author had several versions. But Alexandr decided to attract the community and created a special online resource so that everyone who is interested in such a device could offer their own version of appearance. You just visit the page and vote https://cyberinertix.com/.

The main thing is that the evolutionary products of aesthetic metabolism are gadgets. Gadget-oriented, if you like - the trend of the present future. That is, any utilitarian thing acquires a new visual form, and the impetus for it will be a new principle of action. Tesla is a good example. And a pocket device can take the form of Inertix, the innovative opening mechanism contributes to this directly, as well as compactness, with the brutal functions of the device go to the background, as for residents of the big city, the big drawstring is not relevant.

“And speaking the money language, in terms of business, RoboRazor Studio is a great start. It is accepted that the creation of knives is not a profitable direction, but 200 grams of common metal (for example, brand AISI 304) at a cost of $ 1 can turn into as much as $ 150, if given the correct shape and present to society as a product of the future. And this is by far not the best economy in this area… ”- sums up Alexander Krivosheya.

The philosophy of RoboRazor Studio and the first their product Inertix.

The philosophy of RoboRazor Studio and the first their product Inertix

Accessories, alternative energy sources, modular homes and digital solutions, bioimplants and microcomputers (smartphones). Even crowdfunding is already an economic cyberpunk of sorts, a system of engagement on new principles. Many ideas invented by humans are not yet available to the masses, corporations and politicians manipulate the prospects of the future, creating their own version of reality that strengthens their power and power. But it is worth the system failure, or thanks to the random volitional decision of individual individuals, technology will break free and create a reality where the main task of humanity will be adaptation, constant and infinite.

The society wants these changes and the creators, with the help of films and games have long been trying to give a picture of what awaits us in one way or another. Designers of clothing and accessories are beginning to create collections in the style of the future, and it is not futurism, but pure cyberpunk, CP Company, Dior, Prada - the world classics of Italy already see the future appearance, after Acronym, Stone Island and Ukrainian Riot Division. In the last part of the movie The Fast and the Furious, a solid presentation of tech and futuristic cyberpunk.

But the loudest event is yet to come. In 2012, the Polish company CD Project, the author of the acclaimed Witcher (a game in which Netflix is ​​now making a feature film) presented the game Cyberpunk 2077.

8 years went into creation, pre-sales started and a closed press release was in 2018, and in 2020, most likely in autumn, the official opening. Sales of 20 million copies of the game "witch" and years of anticipation of the novelty suggest the hype. In addition, the iconic Keanu Reeves has become the face of the Cyberpunk game, and that's not all. A completely open system of the gaming world will bring players closer to the reality of the future society of our planet (the game will even have sex, ie 18+ - and this is an audience that can afford an expensive accessory, a gadget, etc.).

As a logical product of the information metabolism of this gaming philosophy (Cyberpunk), the Inertix gadget can become a real symbol of virtual victories. This cyber gadget should be presented on the high-output of the game, but we will do it not in the fall, but in the spring of 2020.

Everyone can choose their own configuration on a special page https://cyberinertix.com/



- Do not rivets prick?
- The shape of the rivets will become flatter with turnkey grooves, on the renderings it is shown sharper. We did this on purpose to mislead the pirates who try to fake Inertix before the release. He will not spoil the phone or the clothes with a touch.

- Is Inertix legal?
- There are states and countries with strict device laws. usually strict restrictions on OTF knives or long-blade knives that can theoretically be stabbed. Our device is not automatic, it is impossible to stab with a blade. One of the toughest device laws in Japan and Britain, but even in these countries a 1.96-inch blade is allowed.

- Is it a karambit?
- Karambit - a device with a curved blade and sharpening, usually on the inside. The device is held by a reverse grip by threading the index or large (in one of the grip options - middle) finger into the ring. ... The handle is usually made of solid wood and attached to the blade with a copper rivet.

device - Rather, the urban samurai, but still the associations are clear to us. The blade flies out of hand. But the assassin’s assassin’s creed is an intricate but primitive design. His device is more like the oldest gadget. It had a special mount, a loop with a finger ring. This is a great cosplay trick, but in reality, people will laugh or call the police. And our object is a compact, futuristic pendevice. To cut off the tags from your new Lewis and tape on boxes with a chinese quadcopter.

- This blade shape is not called a samurai.
- Yes, he really has a name. In general, this is a classic tanto, if we are talking about the shape of the blade. There is also an American tanto with straight lines like Cold Steel. In general, if we are talking about a samurai device, it was called Quaiken. Used for combat in confined spaces.
But we so called our form, because it is a sacred word for Cyberpunk2077.

- Is this for sale?
- In March 2020, a limited version will be released on crowdfunding. The authors are fans of CD Project products. The release is dedicated to the release of the game Cyberpunk 2077. Most likely in the summer on the Amazon will appear in large numbers, but if you want a real titanium then welcome to kickstarter 17 march. And in September, show your girlfriend how cool your device is.

- How does it open?
- It is incomprehensible without video. - The device has an innovative opening mechanism. The video will appear the other day.

- what size is the ring, will the finger fit there?
- The ring is specially made under the finger, but even if your finger does not fit there it does not put you open the device.

- for what purpose this device, it’s definitely not very convenient for them to cut?
- With this device you can cut everything that you can cut with other compact knives. Plus there is an opener, it can be used as a cullet, it can be used for self-defense. But its main function is to attract attention.

- How practical is it, are heavy loads acceptable?
Yes, with its help you can open beer in full force. Cut the banner, scratch the car or puncture the tire. You can still cut the bag, but this is too heavy a load.

- it is more steampunk
- Steam traction, industrial vintage, specific detailing, aging metals are steampunk signs. Inertix lacks fake elements, gears, etc. Extremely technological materials: titanium, stainless technical steel. Minimalistic design adapted for a modern resident with a can or backpack.

- Why in the name Halo?
- Because Halo is the unspoken symbol of cyberpunk with a claim to sacredness. Artists from all over the world, for some reason, without saying a word, began to depict a neon halo among the characters of cyber worlds. This is one of the reasons, the second is, directly, the structural element in the place of fixation of the blade, resembling a halo. We did not customize the style, it turned out by itself.

- It approaches the mass of games, why exactly Cyberpunk2077?
- Of course, because we are fans of CDPR's products, and in general have won over cyberpunk games. We have been waiting for the release of the game since 2012 - 8 years of waiting and now, the long-awaited release. The apocalypse fades into the background, the witcher very strongly inspired these motives. We are glad that the creators of the game switched to cyberpunk. We do not want to flatter ourselves, but we foresaw that Cybertruck would come out, or rather we knew that someone would support the trend, we simply did not realize that this step would be taken by Elon Musk. This is all because the point is not even in games. Cyberpunk comes real and we created a real product, like the face of a new era, not as big as Tesla, but everyone should have it in their pocket.

- What is the price?
- Not less than $150. All materials in the product are original and of the highest quality. Metal cutting and all other work is performed on expensive robotic equipment. More than two dozen components. Also, manual warranty testing of each unit before shipping to the buyer, i.e. there will be no marriage at all. These are guarantees of reliability and comfort.

- Is it automatic OTF?
- No, automatic knives are illegal in dozens of countries. Inertix was created as accessible to every cyberpunk on the planet, legal and safe. The opening mechanism has two modes: inertial or manual.

- How to get with serial number 2077?
- Take part in the kickstarter launch, buy a device, you are automatically assigned a number. After 45 days, randomly, a sample with the number 2077 will be played out among 2077 people. The most interesting thing is that collectors have already appeared who are ready to buy a device with the number 2077 for $ 10,000. Details will be later.

- The Cyberpunk2077 doesn’t have such a device, and is it even here?
we are fans of the game, we ourselves came up with a legend, how Inertics appeared.
ᅠᅠThe main melee weapon of Cyberpunk is Mantis Blades. Built-in titanium implants with retractable blades - the creation of the Arasaka clan. They can kill the enemy or destroy an obstacle, an object. . But when the blades break, they are disassembled from the body to be replaced with new ones. And broken blades go to recycling. But, somewhere, in the secret workshops of Arasak, for a small fee, an underground cyber master can collect for you a new device from a broken Mantis. It will no longer be an implant - Inertix Exo-Blade. A gadget that can be carried in the pocket of any resident of Night City, if not for the laws of the city, prohibiting cyber handicraft.
ᅠᅠBut Johnny Serverhand decided to save the unique development and sent it to the past, in 2020, where it was received by RoboRazor Studio. In his message, Silverhand asked to tell humanity about this technology and the creators of the studio prepared the first edition with a symbolic series of 2077 units. The project will be implemented on Kickstarter Spring 2020, before the release of a new reality, called Cyberpunk 2077.

- What cover will Exoblade have?
- No, the cover is too much. Such a device should be worn simply around the neck, in a pocket, in a backpack or on keys, like a keychain - because it is super compact.

Cyberpunk (RoboRazor Version).

Cyberpunk (RoboRazor Version).

Cyberpunk is a fiction genre that arose in the early 80s where the future of mankind is anti-utopian. High technological progress is combined with the decline and degradation of social relations.

But cyberpunk is more than just science fiction and trends in the world confirm this. It is this option of the future that has the greatest chances of winning. All the main signs of the onset of a new era have already manifested themselves at all levels and in all areas of our lives. Electronic music, programming languages, implants in the human body, stand-alone mobile devices, food substitutes and simulators, virtual entertainment, crowdfunding, bitcoin and much more. The Internet has replaced God. Education, as an ideological element of the state, is also losing its relevance, and now employers are corporations that value more skills than knowledge.

The gradual withering away of states and their replacement by corporations is the most realistic prospect of the development of the world and the trend of the coming era. What do we need to know to be prepared for the future? The anti-utopian nature of cyberpunk is replaced by a more positive and prosperous future where there will be no world wars and global upheavals.

The struggle will continue, but its meanings will take on new meanings. Unlike the post-apocalyptic gloomy and gray future that will come after the global war, the Cyberpunk World glows with neon and the lights of super-megalopolises.

The rags and hybrids of old weapons, characteristic of apocalyptic scenarios, will remain fantastic. But science fiction itself will change, losing its original meaning. Society will not surprise you anymore, only by how quickly the future comes. And this trend surpasses fiction by novelty, and since in the cyber era the future comes before our eyes, then why is science fiction that will not come, if it is more interesting than science fiction, which is happening right now.

Earth's elites also change. Their prerogative was always the ability to see further and deeper understand the future. And cyberpunk is already causing their maximum interest. For a better understanding of the situation and the ability to see the future, it is worth listing and analyzing all the signs of a new era in detail.

In the beginning was the word. Now the programming language is changing status. From a highly specialized doctrine, it flows smoothly to normal, although it is not a method of communication. These languages ​​will become a method of communication only if the theory of singularity is confirmed. But cars will not become smarter than people in the next 100 years. So their languages ​​will not receive a new status. Therefore, it draws a firm conclusion that humanoid robots will not appear, this genre of fiction will remain science fiction, as close as possible to reality. Cyberpunk, however, suggests only robotic limbs, but we will talk about this in the implant section.

The language of communication of the cyberpunk era will change in sync with the evolution of dialects. Everyone has already felt the basis - this is English. Native English speakers went further. This will become a global trend. To predict as clearly as possible, you should familiarize yourself with the Leet language. It was formed in the Bulletin Board System in 1990, where the status of “elite” (elite) provided users with access to files and folders stored here, to games and to special chat rooms

At first it was considered the language of hackers, but later migrated to the mainstream, thanks to network comics like Megatokyo. Forms of the Leet language, used not for entertainment, contain a more complex set of characters than the mainstream version, and are still used for the same purpose - to encrypt and hide the meaning of the conversation from prying eyes. Therefore, the “professional” Leet can use combinations of cryptological techniques that make the writing thoroughly incomprehensible to the uninitiated. Therefore, the “professional” Leet can use combinations of cryptological techniques that make the writing thoroughly incomprehensible to the uninitiated. Only the chosen one can understand their letter. Leet is not only based on the English language. Greek, Russian, Chinese languages ​​have their Leet forms, and Leet of one language can use Leet forms of another language, where possible.

The rules of the Leet language allow you to omit punctuation marks (this is often due to the high typing speed), so the apostrophe can change its position in the word without changing its meaning. Sometimes the letter e is completely omitted, and the word can end with t, for example, owned can be written as ownt.

The human body in the new era will become more invulnerable. Visual cyberpunk began with silicone breasts, hair transplants, tattoos, and eye lenses. Now we already see the sports records of runners with metal legs, and climbers with metal hands. In each of these trends, one can trace a person’s desire to become not just full, but the desire to become better. Silicone breasts and implanted hair make it more beautiful and successful. Lenses and laser correction give vision. Dentures are modified into improved stronger titanium limbs. A tattoo has dozens of functions and goals in general, it has captivated the world and has acquired a new quality and new meanings. People subconsciously seek to improve themselves through external intervention. This trend will continue to develop and soon we will see the real miracles of modified human bodies.

This also includes food. Growing in vivo has long faded into the background. Any fruit or vegetable can be bought at any time of the year anywhere in the world map, just financial conditions are enough. Meat can be obtained without slaughtering animals. You can go in for sports without caring for the presence of raw eggs and chicken breast. Supplements and substitutes have supplanted natural nutrition and this trend will continue to develop. Soon, one tablet and water will be enough for us.

Music, and culture in general, will develop in all directions, like any spiritual values ​​of its time. Some music is associated with cyberpunk because of its specific sound, aesthetic style or musical content. Here we can also talk about music that is somehow related to the theme of cyberpunk (for example, this may apply to groups that write texts on the topics of future cyber progress, dystopia and a person’s place in this world. The genre of electronic music in general is the most fully reflects the mood and atmosphere of this direction.

Therefore, many compositions in the spirit of cyberpunk belong to the following styles: industrial, techno, noise, EBM, glitch, ambient, trance, house, neurofunk, IDM, and other areas of electronic music. Blotches of folk music (often Japanese) and dubs can also occasionally occur.

Fashion, as the main crossroads of the material and the spiritual, will adapt to the everyday needs of cyberpunk. The man of the future is as functional as possible, although these functions will slightly shift their specificity. The form will be no less important than the content. And it will reflect it, and the content will constantly progress. The advent of mobile phones provoked the appearance of chest (waist) bags. Smartphones are fragile, to use them effectively you need to effectively store them at your fingertips. So the content dictated the trend, and the shape determined the functionality and wear resistance of materials. The same applies to all clothing of the cyberpunk era.

Techwear today is the main youth trend not only for advanced representatives of the new era, but also for everyone who uses gadgets. A lot of pockets, adaptability for any season, durable waterproof things have become the main trend that will continue to evolve under the influence of trends in gadgets. Since the objects necessary for a modern person, determine their appearance is no longer independent of occupation, but because of the versatility of the urban traveler.

The same applies to product design as a whole. The futuristic lines of the 2000s were replaced in front of our eyes by the geometricity of the 80s, while they gained the functional qualities of universality. Cyberpunk will eliminate aging and heavy materials. So metals like bronze, copper, wood, stone disappear in a future era. All types of titanium, steel, carbon and composites will replace all other materials. High-tech in its purest form is complemented by glows, flickers and holograms. Cars will look like the recently displayed Cybertruck.

Transport will also change landmarks. Green electric transport will be the only alternative to ICE, and it will not be able to fully replace it for a long time, not to mention hydrogen or quantum. But new types of personal transport will become an indispensable attribute along with classic bicycles. Monowheel is currently the perfect means of moving a city dweller. It will evolve, it will become easier.

The appearance of mono-chariots is not excluded. Also coming evolution of equipment. A lot of discoveries await us in this area. The equipment, like the tech clothes, adapts to the new tasks of man. Hybrids of clothes and equipment will appear that are not yet used, but by 2030 will become familiar attributes.

Personal tools and devices for daily use will become less surviving, more innovative. There are very few examples in this area yet. Startup Roborazor Studio is developing concepts for future equipment and devices for personal use. The first project in this area is the Exoblade Inertix Pocket. Hybrid device and device, with optimal sufficiency and compactness. You can support this project by clicking on the link.

Cyberpunk Economics.

Cyberpunk Economics

The economy of cyberpunk or post-industrialism is not the disappearance of industry, the post-industrial structure of the economy is when the bulk of the surplus value is created by the brains, and not by the jackhammer in the mine. Let's see how it looks on the example of the giant of post-industrialism Apple and the industrial giant, for example, Gazprom. 459 thousand Gazprom employees provided the company with a net profit of $ 3.5 billion in 2014. 80 thousand Apple designers, programmers and clerks made their owners $ 39.5 billion in net profit.

The main criteria of the post-industrial economy is the uniqueness of the product. This is the main difference between the postindustrial economy and the industrial one. With the industrial one, all else being equal, the one who offers the CHEAPEST product wins, and in the post-industrial way the one who offers the UNIQUE product rules. Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Huawei and others can compete with each other at the expense of the price of their devices, sacrificing their profits, and Apple continues to increase the value of its products because their product has unique properties.

Practicality and cheapness give way to aesthetics and uniqueness. Practical use is akin to functionalism. Although it does not occur in its pure form, survival puts function in the first place. Content is everything, form is nothing. But not in the case of cyberpunk. This scenario is more optimistic, although it is seen by some in gloomy colors.

But in the cyber era, there will be no need to survive. All the beauty of lowlife in a technological environment comes down to the essence of self-expression, if you take Maslow's theory. Functionalism, on the other hand, is born in man at the first two steps, and then exists in evolution “out of habit” until it is replaced by a new technological concept, in which, again, the function to be saved is not in the first place, but the function is to express itself.

The Misconception about Cyberpunk.

The Misconception about Cyberpunk

Space exploration.
The existing technological level in the next 100 years will not allow us to fully explore space and build colonies on other planets. The future in the era of cyberpunk occurs only on our planet and does not involve meetings with other civilizations. Cyberpunk plots tend to be closer to the near future of the Earth than to the atmosphere of the distant future or galactic perspectives that can be found in classic science fiction novels.

Futurologist and chief ideologist of the singularity Ray Kurwitz believes and dreams that the continuous development of computer hardware and software will create artificial intelligence many times stronger than human, which will be able to improve itself and solve human problems without human participation. Cyberpunk does not imply the presence of full-fledged artificial intelligence, but only as an auxiliary mechanism such as neural networks that complement and help human intelligence.

Flowing organic shapes in design.
Primitive regular geometric shapes will dominate the design. Chamfers and rounding are the main attribute of high-tech and cyber design. The use of such forms eliminates the use of expensive dies and molds, which greatly simplifies production and reduces the price, and the development of CNC machines allows you to create small batches of goods and change designs without painful production costs.

The total introduction of green energy and the complete rejection of hydrocarbon fuels.
Green energy (solar and wind energy) a myth that is more imposed by left-wing politicians and eco-activists can not solve the existing energy needs of people. So far, there is no full replacement of hydrocarbon fuel, plus the shale revolution pushes the appearance of any replacement of fossil fuels in the near future. Electric transport will not be dominant, but will only occupy its narrow niche; at the same time, individual electric transport such as monowheels and electric scooters will greatly develop.

Deep decline and sharp social changes in society.
The deep decline of society at this stage of human development can only be created by catastrophe or global war, which, in essence, is one and the same. Cyberpunk does not imply an apocalypse, and drastic changes in society are inevitable, but they will not lead to fundamental destruction. These will be the evolutionary transformations of the wheel of history. When the state, as a common space, goes by the wayside. the first is another association of people, based on their joint professional life, where social conditions create commercial structures.

The use of wood and leather in accessories.
Any organic materials will cease to be raw materials for the production of consumer goods. Any products containing organic matter among the components will replace it with a metal or synthetic material, usually based on composite substances. Given the constant development of nano-technologies, obtaining new advanced materials will be the main trend.

Hackers as the main characters of the cyberpunk era.
Hackers as the protagonists of the cyberpunk era are especially vividly featured in the 1995 cult Hackers youth film. The film does not just sympathize with them, it praises them, and, to be honest, it IDEAS them. The hackers in the film are not even superhuman, but god-man. The world of the film is clearly divided by a ruler. There are hackers - they are few, they are cool, and they can do anything. But there are ordinary people or in the words of the film - "two-legged cattle", "civilians". The world of the film is clearly divided by a ruler. There are hackers - they are few, they are cool, and they can do anything. But there are ordinary people or in the words of the film - "two-legged cattle", "civilians". States, corporations, special services, the powerful of this world are just monkeys who have descended from a palm tree, who are easily bent by schoolchildren with a laptop, and who will never be able to reach the level of these students, “even if they live to be a hundred years old” (in the words of the film). Alas, the romantic image of a hacker hero has now lost all relevance. Hackers are ordinary employees of corporations or special services, which have occupied their niche in the modern food chain and are not a significant force affecting society. Reality-altering heroes are now critters like Steve Jobs.

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